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Lucica Bay on Korcula, Croatia
The Opportunity - Rental and Capital Growth3 year 6% income GUARANTEED


" Marina Marco " as a premium resort destination offers extraordinary growth potential over the next 3-5 years. One way to achieve this Capital Growth is to take advantage of the Resort Management & Rental Agreement offered by the developer Adriatic Development Corporation. It is fair to say that as the resort grows in popularity so also will the occupancy and room rack rates thus providing capital growth.
How the Resort Management and Rental Agreement works (optional)

Each apartment is sold with the benefit of a resort management and rental agreement.

During the holiday season which is from 1 st April to 30th October each year your dual key apartment is let out by the Resort Manager as either a standard room and Junior suite or as a two bedroom apartment.

Occupancy rates for the first three years are conservatively estimated at 50%.

Average room rates for the first three years are estimated at 95 Euro & 125 Euro respectively giving a combined income of 220 Euro per Two bedroom dual key Apartment.


Total average return estimated is 225 Euro @ 106 Nights equaling 23,320 Euro per annum less;

Direct room costs 20%

General administration 6%

Marketing 5%

Energy costs 3%

Repairs & Maintenance 5%

Total 39% or 9,095 Euro



Rental guarantee for the first three years is provided by the developer Adriatic Development Corporation (ADC). To effect this rental guarantee, monies are placed on deposit by ADC into an independent solicitors trust account. These monies, the equivalent of three years rent and outgoings are available to be called for should the rental return fall below the guaranteed 6% net threshold during the course of this three period.




Marina Marco is proudly brought to you by:


Adriatic Development Corporation



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